TRUMPSTOCK Kingman Arizona, Oct 4th-6th!

Brian Talbert

​ Deplorable Pride began in June of 2017 when they were denied a float in the Charlotte Pride parade to honor President Trump for his work in the LGBT community. Deplorable Pride was kicked out and falsely labeled a far-right organization after that. Deplorable Pride and Brian Talbert have since carved themselves a path in North Carolina politics by doing roadside rallies for Conservative candidates and the Trump 2020 campaign. They have worked with several candidates and high profile elections in the state. Deplorable Pride is also known for taking on antifa in the state by taking them on in the streets and the courts. Deplorable Pride has become the target of antifa since Brian is an openly gay Republican and antifa sees him as a traitor to his community.

Founder of Deporable Pride, a Gay-Straight Conservative Alliance based in Charlotte, NC.

 "We must never bow to or allow antifa to take hold in our state or this nation. They are doumestic terrorists and must be treated as such." -Brian Talbert